Undersea Adventures has plenty of trips planned for 2011-2012.

First up is diving in Union Bay for the Family Day Weekend in February (Feb 12th to Feb 15th, 2010)…  the variety and size of the sea life here is outstanding.  September is anxious to point out all the little ‘critters’ to you and Rob is happy to snap or video your progress along the rocky walls.

Next is the May Long Weekend (May 21th to May 24th, 2010) with the world famous K.D. Trip to Union Bay on Vancouver Island.  Wolf Eels, Octopus, Sea Lions and Seals…every dive will be an adventure beneath the waves.  You’ll sail along with Captain Sean who has dove and cruised these waters for 16 years.

Last was the San Diego, California on September Long Weekend. Unfortunately due to Airline schedule changes, the availability of affordable flights and appropriate travel days, this trip has been cancelled.

Bonaire (November 2010)… the shore diving capital of the world.  Octopus, Flamingo Tongue Nudibranchs, Sea Horses and the wreck of the Hilma Hooker make this an exciting two week adventure.  The macrophotographer will be thrilled by the abundance of marine life here.  While September shows you the sea horses and the octopus, Rob will be coaxing you to check out the boat wrecks along the shore.

Planned Trips.

Austrailia May 12-29, 2014

Browning Pass/Port Hardy onboard the Nautilus Swell
Oct. 12-19, 2014

Roatan at Cocoview Resort Nov. 8-15, 2014

Bonaire at Sand Dollar Resort - New Year's Trip!
Dec 26, 2014-Jan 3rd, 2015

Belize Aggressor Feb 28-March 7, 2015

Palau & Yap April 2015

Guadalupe, Great Whites onboard Nautilus Explorer
Oct 11-16, 2015

Kona Aggressor Nov 2015

Antarctica March 2016

Fiji/Warm Water Trip April 2016

Galapogos September 2016....September's 40th Birthday Trip!

Cayman Aggressor Nov 2016

Past Trips.

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